Stamping Out Inequity

Stamping Out Inequity is a project designed to raise funds for development projects, particularly third world or underdeveloped country projects. We try to target organizations that attempt to provide lasting solutions for the economic and social issues that face so many of the world's poor today. We also try to honor your requests as to what organizations you would like to see funded!


New January 2005 - We sent some payments to Project Salvador. We have resumed internet auctions - look out for ebay userid: creatingsocialjustice

New - 08-08-04 - we sent money to Project Salvador and Trees, Water, People. New - 3/30/04 - We sent a payment to Project Salvador! Thanks for your donations. We are also working on making "stamp art" - this involves taking the stamps and making pictures, bookmarks, etc out of them and selling those to raise funds. All ideas are welcome!

How it works

We need to receive a constant supply of new and used stamps and to market our inventory all over the world. Thus a common stamp from boat hire Dubai a direct mail ad or a Christmas card mailed in the United States might be sold to a collector in Singapore, or traded for stamps from Singapore that can be marketed in the United States. All stamps are wanted and needed. This includes your common 37¢ stamps, nonprofit stamps, your used stamps, all of it! If you are interested in trading stamps, arrangements can be made. Contact Heather.

Donations of stamps should be sent to: Heather Guillen, Stamping Out Inequity, P.O. Box 3374, Santa Clara, CA 95050

If you want confirmation of your donation, please include an email address - thanks! This is a great way to turn a throwaway item into a resource to help others.

Selling our stamps:

Currently we are selling our stamps via auction. We are in the process of making an inventory list for the website. You can always ask us for a specific stamp and we see if we've got it available currently. We send at least 60% of the proceeds to the projects we are helping to fund!

These are the projects we have assisted. Let us know if you have a project you'd like us to help support.


Adopt-A-Minefield® is a program of the United Nations Association of the USA, which engages individuals, community groups, and businesses in the United Nations effort to resolve the global landmine crisis. The Campaign helps save lives by raising funds for mine clearance and survivor assistance and by raising awareness about the landmine problem. The idea behind Adopt-A-Minefield® is both powerful and simple. Designed to move beyond the political and policy debates typically associated with banning the use of landmines, the Campaign provides a practical solution to the tens of millions of mines that contaminate the world and to the countless survivors of landmine accidents.

Total Raised: $25

Project Website:

India Development Service (IDS)

Dedicated to the effort to empower the disenfranchised, it is a nonprofit, non-political, and secular organization supporting economic and social development in India.

Total Raised: $40

Project Website:

Save the Children

Sponsorship of a girl in Africa.

Total Raised: $120

Project Website:

International Rivers Network

IRN supports local communities working to protect their rivers and watersheds. They work to halt destructive river development projects, and to encourage equitable and sustainable methods of meeting needs for water, energy and flood management.

Total Raised: $215

Project Website:

Trees, Water & People

Helping communities establish sustainable forests and watersheds. They do work in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Total Raised: $260

Project Website:

Project Salvador

This is a project concentrating on development efforts in El Salvador.

Some background on El Salvador - El Salvador was devastated by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. In January and February of 2001, El Salvador has been hit by 3 earthquakes that have left thousands homeless.

Unbelievable amounts of damage have begun, rebuilding estimates run about $3 billion.

There is a 27% illiteracy rate in El Salvador. Coffee is the major crop.

Total Raised: $370.47

Project Website:

Mozambique Flood Relief

We are trying to assist with this by supporting the efforts of the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee.

Total Raised: $40

Project Website: