Recycling Project

Recycling is a great way to help protect the environment. Some things are hard to get rid of and we're prepared to collect those items for you and have them recycled. We're also providing links to some sources for recycling of these items if you would prefer to do so directly. Some of these places charge a fee for recycling and some pay for the items. Any fees incurred for recycling, EHN will cover if the items have been mailed to us. Any money raised from this project would be used to fund EHN activities - primarily the sending out of the domestic violence information cards and ribbons for the Purple Ribbon Project.

You can have a box by your desk at home or work, ask your office manager if a collection container can be placed in the office. You do not need to sort these items, just ship them to us. If you use postage stamps to mail your box out, we'll be able that in our Stamping Out Inequity project which is currently primarily focused on the funding of building houses in El Salvador.

If you've got items that you want to recycle or donate and don't see a listing for them here, contact us and we might know of a place or be able to find one for you. Bring it to our attention and it could become part of our regular recycling efforts. -Email or call 408-249-3516.

Send us the following items or contact the places that recycle them directly. Items can be sent to:

Heather Guillen

Creating Social Justice

PO Box 3374

Santa Clara, CA 95055


All kinds of batteries can be recycled. From cell phone and hearing aids to calculators, remote controls, etc. There are fees associated with this (but not for you if you ship them to us!)


This includes those Free AOL disks that are always being mailed to people. These are a huge nuisance since they are rarely wanted. Any kind of CD - promotional, music, or data (software) can be recycled. If you have old, damaged, or unwanted CDs, recycle them! There are fees associated with this (but again, not for you if you ship them to us!)

Toner, Fax, Printer Cartridges

New or used, we can accept these If you have old cartridges to a printer you don't own anymore, this source will buy them. We can recycle any old copier toner, fax toner/ink and printer ink.

Peanuts and Foam Blocks

Some places have started using cornstarch peanuts as packing materials. These are great and just dissolve in water. If you have the plastic or foam peanuts, these can be re-used and shipped again. Mail Boxes Etc can take these as can we. Foam blocks can be recycled too -


Both cell phones and regular phones can be recycled or refurbished. Cell phones can be refurbished and given to victims of domestic violence with Free airtime to call 911

Regular phones can be refurbished or recycled. This involves a fee. (Remember, if you send the items to us, there is no fee for you)

Office phone systems can be refurbished too so ask your office manager if they have an old system lying around or when your company upgrades the phone system, send it to us!

Project Results: We have been receiving mostly CDs and we have received some batteries as well. Mostly we've been receiving requests to help people find places in their own areas or people writing in talking about how they are recycling. We think that's great - keep up the good work and be sure and ask us if there is something that you want recycled or reused and are not sure how to dispose of it.