About Us

Creating Social Justice is informed by the realization that equality for women is a core underlying connection behind social justice issues. We also realize that a holistic approach is vital to success - we have to exist, research, and act to create change. Awareness and mindfulness are the keys to lasting social change.

End Homelessness Now has a mission statement too!

The mission of End Homelessness Now is to raise awareness, funds and activism for social justice issues/projects recognizing homelessness as one end result of specific societal problems such as domestic violence and the war on drugs and general societal problems such as sexism and racism.

Who We Are

Who are we? A bunch of quirky people who believe in social and economic justice. People come and go and most of us prefer to be private and behind the scenes and not have our names out there. That means that Heather gets most of the hate mail! Actually, there are coordinators and volunteers for the various projects we have people that regularly collect or soak stamps, people that regularly knit or gather yarn, a woman that helps make purple ribbons happy birthday daddy images, and other individuals that help on specific projects and of course, all the wonderful people that regularly click on our Free-to-donate button.

Those of us who are involved want to make a difference and have picked an area that motivates us or that wakes us up in the night screaming for action.

The money to fund the projects mostly comes from Heather. We do get some donations of supplies or money and the occasional sponsorship by a company. We are applying for 501c3 status so that we can get more donations, sponsorships, and grants. The stamp project is currently the only one that is self-funding. The rest of the money originally came from money Heather saved while she was a network administrator, settlement money received from the accident she was in (the one that wound up killing John Hammer) and now it comes from various jobs she holds to keep the projects going. Update - we have now received 501c3 approval and so now we are beginning to work on getting grants and more donations to better fund the projects.

The original decision to put up the site was made by Heather with support, encouragement and assistance from Candyce Hawk and Anne Rose-Pierce and Daneen Sparks. The impetus was John's death. The need was strong for many of us to find some way of carrying on his work and ideals and this site grew out of that.

Instead of giving you bios about the founders and coordinators, we've decided to supply information about some individuals that have inspired us. Reading this, it sounds like we only liked people that are now dead this is actually pretty accurate! So contact us and become a new supporter and fighter for justice just live a little while after you do!

John Hammer He has to be listed first because without him there is no CSJ/EHN. Some of the actual projects were his that we took on at his death. This man was a living powerhouse - he had a never ending stream of ideas and worked harder than anyone we know to implement as many of them as possible. His dedication to improving lives remains unmatched.

Jean Perdue Jeannie is the reason behind Stitching Hope. She taught knitting for a similar project and knitted many squares herself. When she died, we changed the name of the project as our internal reminder of her. She was a generous spirit who generously gave of herself.

Lowell Magsig Lowell was an amazingly normal human being! We don't think there are too many of those around. But he also had great depths of compassion and an incredible ability to listen and understand. We take his patience and his persistence forward with us. He died in a plane crash.

Janice Noga Janice had the most beautiful singing voice on the planet and the sweetest spirit. Her love and Joy for life filled everyone around her. We lost touch with her, but believe that she lost her battle with cancer. Her passion for life and love continues to fill us.

Julie Julie knew two things for sure - if you kept trying, you'd get better and to not take advantage of "lesser" creature because they are most likely more valuable and more important than you can readily see. She died in a boating accident.

Lilly Webb Lilly taught the power of making things better one person at a time. Sometimes all you can do is make sure that someone else has enough to eat every day and sometimes that is enough. Lily died years ago from complications from cancer.

Scott Friedland Scotty is a real charmer, a talented musician and one smart cookie. He showed that imagination (pupeetering anyone?) is a sure road to success. Today, Scott is a teacher.

Robert Friedland - Robbie demonstrated gentleness and daring at a very early age! His faith in others and ability to connect helped to inform the sense of connectedness that we al share with the rest of the universe. Today, he is in school.


Contact Information

For more information about sponsoring or for general questions about our site or programs, please contact:

Heather Guillen

Email: heather@cybercsj.org

Fax: 805-772-4359

Mail: PO Box 3374 Santa Clara, CA 95055