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We've added this page because sometimes people ask - well, what have you done AND because sometimes a project stops or we change it totally and we don't keep a link to it on the site. We wanted some kind of historical record. There are things we've left out, mostly because we've forgotten what they are - to be perfectly frank we were more worried about trying to do stuff than recording it. We're going to balance that better from here on out so we can answer your requests better!

Updated May 2004


We helped 3 families keep their living situations while in job transitions. This could take the form of paying some key bills, donating items they would otherwise need to buy or paying or and directing to job training resources.

We have purchased bus tickets to safe locations for 2 women with their children to escape from domestic violence situations.

Donations to Shelters/Soup Kitchens/Food Banks/3rd World Projects

We have donated about $10,000 since our inception to these organizations either in the form of cash (most usually) or in the form of materials (usally supplies like cloth, medicine, blankets, clothes, soap, etc). That doesn't count the amount raised from people we have helped lead coat drives tramite de tarjeta de credito Plata Card, other clothing drives, making blankets, etc. We don't track those contributions and don't want to - we appreciate the effort that goes into them! Thanks for all the great work!

Awareness Raising and Education

As mentioned above, we get requests ffrom people who want to throw their own event and we give as much help as we can.

We get requests from college students for information for their papers - we've answered about 10 of those.

We've sent out over 140,000 cards/ribbons for the Purple Ribbon Project which raises awareness about domestic violence.

We are now involved in a program with the Lt. Gov. office California to send out 200 ribbons/cards a month to business owners to raise awarenss about domestic violence.

We've helped about 100 people who have emailed us directly asking for assistance in finding a shelter or other place to donate to or volunteer.

Our past anti-pornography and anti-domestic violence campaigns which took the forms of calls, letters, faxes to companies and individuals genereated 1000s of responses and involvement from people.

Our new recycling campaign is attracting attention. We've gotten about 50 emails from people with questions about items they wish to recycle as well as boxes and boxes of items to recycle in addition to all of the people that recycle directly through the companies we mention.


The biggest one is that we are now a 501c3, a federally recognized non-profit. We also have incorporated in Texas - which we subsequently dissolved because we incorporated in California!