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Heather's January 2005 Update

January 5 -Things are progressing! We're working on getting some more reciprocal links, we've gotten a few more already! We're starting ebay auctions again - check for userid - creatingsocialjustice to raise money for Stamping Out Inequity. We've also gotten a bunch of square donations so we're making several blankets to send to Nathan's Project in California (which is for children with cancer). We're gearing up for the Purple Ribbon distribution for April - trying to find the funds and getting everything ready happy birthday 18 images. We've already got 28,000 ribbons/cards requested. A few website updates have been made and payments have been sent to People Serving People and Project Salvador.

January 10 - We're trying to get our domestic violence cards made Free by printers this year. We are happy to have them place their ad on the back of the card and to prominently place their banner ad on our site. If you know of any printers that would be willing to do this - we need 28,000 business-sized cards made (we would be happy to have even part of this order donated). Email me at if you can help. A generous donor has fulfilled the order we needed for the pins to this project and it is much appreciated! We still need purple ribbon, 1/4' single-face satin ribbon for this project. If you have some you can donate or can help us cover the cost of this part, email us at

January 11 - We added another page of shelter listings!

January 18 - We'll be listing, month by month on this page what happens financially this year so you can see!

January 19 - We've gotten banner and text ads and reciprocal links on several other sites! Also, these are the goals of EHN for 2005 - I know some projects aren't listed here and some aren't even on the website anymore, but I think these are goals we can meet and we'll definitely have to grow and stretch a bit to meet them. I'm sure that other things will also keep happening - like if people mail in items for recycling, we'll still work with that! This is the first year since we started that we have had such financially oriented goals. In the past we have focused much more on information gathering and distribution and awareness raising, specific time-sensitive projects, and corporate campaigns and making connections between issues. In other words, we normally have a lot more goals! We've been receiving emails about money, and what we do in that regard, so we thought it might be time to try and raise more funds and distribute those - since we have less experience in that area, that is one reason we have fewer goals this year. If anyone has other goals or any comments about the change of direction for this year, please email me at

Feb 1st Update

Good news - donors have agreed to send in the necessary amount of cards for the Purple Ribbon Project. We also got a donor for the rolls of ribbon we need, so we're almost set on this. We just now need money for postage and mailing supplies - we're looking to raise $300. If you can help with any amount, it would be most appreciated.

Also, we've received some feedback on the goals - people feel good about them and wanted one added, so you'll see that reflected below.

2005 Goals

Purple Ribbon Project - 29,000 cards/ribbons sent out for April and 39,000 cards/ribbons sent out for October

Status: Enough pins have been received for April distribution, enough cards have been pledged for April (but not arrived yet) and ribbon was provided for by a donor for April (but hasn't arrived yet). Given the supplies on hand, all possible ribbons have been made at this time.

Stitching Hope - 48 blankets made and distributed from the main office (many of you in this project put the squares together and send them out yourself, so I'm just counting here what squares come into the office)

Status - 2 blankets made.

Stamping Out Inequity - $6000 donated, split between Project Salvador, and Trees, Water, People, and Save the Children and Adopt-A-Minefield, and India Development Service and International Rivers Network.

Money for Shelters - $10,000 donated, split between People Serving People, Vancouver Rape Relief Transition House, Casa Alianza, Emergency Housing Project in Iowa, Detroit Rescue Mission, Family Tree, Washington City Mission, Spectrum Inc, Raphael House, and Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency.

Shelter Listings on Site - I'd like to have 2500 shelters and services listings added to the site.

Quote of the Day/Daily Reminder - I'd like to see this go out every day!

Corporation Goal - Get 10 hotels involved in a "donate-sheets-pillows" project. This is a great project that was sent in as a suggestion - many hotels throw out sheets, pillows and blankets that are still in usuable condition and replace them with new ones. We'd like to start collecting those and distributing to homeless and d.v. shelters, nursing homes and any other places that could use them.

Status - Quote went out every day in January!

So far money and goods in and out ...


Money In - $303.61 from donors

Money In - $.08 from Paid to Read Site

Money In - From eBay auctions $57.51

Money In - $26 from donor for PO Box

Money In - $15 from stamp sale to stamp store

New Total In - $402.20

Money Out - $50 payment to ribbon printer for last ribbon distribution

Money Out - $7.50 in mailing expenses for recycling and phones

Money Out - $200 for ribbons for April distribution

Money Out - Ebay fees - $11.45

Money Out - $26 for PO Box

Money Out - $4.64 for special small knitting needles

Money Out - for mailing auctions - $21.39

New Total Out - $320.98

Materials Moving 2005

In - Recycling box of CDs and cell phones

In - Donor purchased case of pins for Purple Ribbons Project ($167 value)

In - Large box of yarn

In - 2 sweaters

In - 15 separate donations of stamps

In - 1000 cards for the Purple Ribbon Project

Out - Box of CDS, tapes and videos to recycling group

Out - Cell phone to domestic violence organization for distribution