Purple Ribbon Project

This project is to increase awareness about domestic violence and to help those in need find helpful places. We make business sized cards or larger cards (depends on what we have the funding and/or printing abilities for) with the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the National sexual Abuse Hotline numbers on it along with our website information. To each solicitud de tarjeta de credito online card we pin a purple ribbon which is the standard ribbon color for domestic violence awareness.

FYI - Domestic Violence Awareness month is in October and sexual Assault Awareness month is in April.

In the past we would send this information out to other countries. Those people would use the cards and the ribbons placing their own contact information or contact information for shelters in their area on the back. While this is a wonderful idea, it has become prohibitively expensive for us to send overseas, there. So for the time being we are limiting requests to the United States. If you had previously requested ribbons from overseas, they will be sent to you.We are now done sending ribbons overseas, so if you are overseas and requested and did not receive ribbons or if you just want ribbons, contact us and we can tell you how to go about starting your own project for your country!

UPDATE - April 2004 - We will now be sending out an additional 200 ribbons/cards a month! They will be going to the California Lt. Gov's office. Each month, 200 letters are sent out to California businesses about domestic violence. Now, our cards/ribbons will be included to further help raise awareness. If anyone wants to help us get projects like this going in other states, please let us know!

UPDATE - April 2004 - We sent out 20,000 ribbons/cards for April which was our goal. Unfortunately, we received closer to 40,000 requests. We also had a problem with data loss - about 17,000 card/requests were erased. Just like the last time we had a problem, we now have a system to prevent this particular mishap from happening again! If you requested ribbons/cards and didn't receive any and do need some - please resubmit your request. We will not send out again until the October distribution. If you need ribbons/cards again before that, please put a note in the field and we'll see what we can work out. Again, the next distirubtion time will be for Domestic Violence Awareness month in October - our target is 40,000 ribbons!

So far we have sent out more than 140,782 cards/ribbons!

Request Free Ribbons and Cards - Note - these will only be distributed during April and October, our two awareness months. Thanks for your understanding!


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